Get You Back Serial

Get You Back

A  sexy, twisty, thrilling romance in three parts

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Part One: Revenge

Rye: I just saw Lauren Blakewell again – on national TV. Twelve years after she and her con woman mother scammed my father and ruined our lives, there she was. Looking like a goddess. Engaged to the son of a U.S. senator. She and her evil mother never paid for what they did. But I’ve never forgotten. Now I’m going to DC and I’m out for justice. I’m Rye McAllister, heir to the former McAllister fortune, and I’m going to stand up for my family. Lauren will pay. One way or another, I’ll get her back.
Lauren: I’m so close to freedom. So close. One more job, and Bliss will let me go. That’s why the sight of Rye McAllister is such a shock. Not because he was the subject of all my childhood fantasies. Not because he looks like a tough and sexy cowboy now. But because he can ruin everything for me. I have to stop him. Whatever it takes. I have to make him an offer he can’t refuse. A proposition he can’t resist. If I enjoy it too…that’ll be my secret. And I have more secrets than Rye can ever imagine.

Part Two: Reunion

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Rye: She slipped through my fingers. Again. For six months, I’ve been searching the world for Lauren Blakewell. I know she’s not here in Morocco, but this is still my best chance of finding her. Bliss, her con woman mother, is here, and if I have to make a deal with the devil to find Lauren, I will. I need to know if what Lauren said is true or just more lies. I have to know if she loves me. Because I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t stop dreaming of the taste of her. And I won’t stop looking until I get her back.   

Lauren: If anyplace is safe from Bliss, it must be this faraway corner of Thailand. I know Rye wants to find me. And I miss him. So much. I miss his silver eyes and magic hands. I miss him in bed. If I could have him with me, all to myself, with no risk of Bliss showing up, no mention of the past, that would be paradise. Can I do that? Can Rye and I steal some time in a tropical hideaway before the real world crashes in with all its betrayals, secrets and lies?

Part Three: Redemption

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Lauren: Everything has fallen apart. Rye McAllister is gone, kidnapped off the island. Bliss just told me things about myself that blew my mind. I know she’s trying to manipulate me. She wants something from me, but I don’t have time to figure out what. The only thing I care about is getting Rye back. I’m terrified that he’s in danger. That I’ll never see him again. Never tell him how much I love him. I don’t know who took him or why. To get him back I’ll have to take the biggest risk of my life. Can I trust myself to be the person Rye needs me to be?

Rye: Unbelievable. I’m being held hostage at an estate in Vermont belonging to someone I thought I knew. I’d find a way out, except for one thing. Threats are being made against Lauren. I can’t allow anything to happen to her. So I’ll go along with these ridiculous demands. I’ll pretend to be engaged to a drug-addled heiress. I’ll bide my time until I find out all the secrets being kept from me. Then the tables will turn and all hell will break loose. I’m a McAllister and no one messes with the woman I love. I just hope to God we both live to see each other again.