Go Deep

Wild Nights of Alaska, Book 2

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No one would ever guess the wild sexual fantasies that hide behind Beth Thomason’s quiet façade. Raised to repress all such naughty thoughts, she keeps them secret—even from her husband Gavin. Until the day a stranger drops off a bondage photo at her framing shop.

Hockey coach Gavin Thomason loves his wife beyond measure, but he’s tired of living in a marriage in which neither of them reveals their true desires. When Beth responds so strongly to that erotic photo, inspiration strikes.

His hockey team is heading to Wild, Alaska during Wild Nights, an infamous winter festival during which “anything goes, nothing counts.” Could this be the opportunity to break through Beth’s barriers? Could their secret erotic fantasies save their marriage? And what will happen when they both go deep?

Reader advisory: contains a scenes with light BDSM and a threesome.