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Firefighter Sean Marcus is out to prove he’s no longer the troubled boy who left town after a night of violence. Falling in love isn’t the plan, but everything changes when he sets eyes on his best friend’s sister Evie McGraw, all grown up and gorgeous.

Evie has never spoken about the night that changed her life. But she can’t escape it, especially now that her brother’s wild friend Sean is back. Rugged, sexy and impossible to ignore, he’s the only one who knows what truly happened. Now, she has to make a choice. Keep silent…or put her heart on the line and let Sean help heal the past?

Ever since the first Jupiter Point book was released, readers have been falling in love with the charming coastal California town . What’s not to love? From the stargazing to the star-crossed lovers, Jupiter Point is a wonderful escape. I should know, since I’ve spent so many hours living there in my imagination as I wrote these stories!

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And to get you in the mood for some Jupiter Point fun, please enjoy this extended excerpt from Book 2, Burn So Bright. Fair warning: this is Josh and Suzanne’s first kiss!


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“Logan says that we should have a free pass up until our wedding day. He thinks it’s good for our relationship.” Suzanne leaned toward him, her lips pursed. Josh caught her by the forearms and held her away from his body. If she got too close, he’d no longer be interested in doing the right thing in this situation.

“First of all, how much champagne have you had?”

“I wouldn’t mind a little more. Next question.”

“Okay, even with this crazy ‘free pass’ thing, what makes you think you won’t both regret it if you actually go through with it?”

“Hang on now, big guy.” She lifted a finger and waved it drunkenly in his face. “I’ve definitely had too much champagne for a long question like that. Short ones only, please.”

“All right. Why me?”

She frowned up at him, those pretty eyes darkening to a deep sea-green. “What?”

“Why use your free pass on me? You don’t even like me.”

She leaned forward and spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. “Guess what? I do like you, Josh Marshall. You’re very cute. And I bet you look even better without all that.” She waved at his torso, indicating his clothes. “Besides that, you’re here. And Logan isn’t. And he was supposed to be here so he could see what a great job I did, but he’s always busy and sometimes I don’t even know why he proposed to me because most of the time he’s at Stanford and he only comes here on weekends and sometimes not even then, and I just…I just…want someone to be with. I don’t like being alone. I’ve been all alone forever. Do you know what that feels like?”

Her gaze clung to his. A sheen of tears turned them into jewels. His heart gave a slow heave, like an engine turning over. He didn’t want her to cry. He couldn’t stand to see her in pain. He’d never seen this side of Suzanne before. Usually she was quick with a comeback, with a breezy confidence about her. He’d assumed that was who she was—the girl who had it all together, who knew exactly what she wanted out of life and how to get it. He’d never imagined that she might be vulnerable like this.

“I do,” he said gently. “I know what that feels like.” He slid his hands up her arms, along her smooth skin, until he reached her shoulders. “But you’re going to get married, and then you won’t be alone. So why would you take a chance on messing that up?”

She sniffed and blinked back her tears. As he watched, he saw the truth of what he said sink in. Way to go, Marsh. A hot girl is practically naked in front of you and you take a pass.

“You may have a point.” She spoke in a small voice as she wiped away a tear that had managed to sneak through. “But he would never know. And he gave me the free pass. I think he wants me to do something so he doesn’t feel guilty.”

Wow, the red flags with this relationship were really piling up. This free pass concept seemed a little fishy, if you asked Josh. Either commit to a girl or stay single. Don’t try to have it both ways. Of course, he had no doubts about which camp he belonged in. Team Single all the way.

But maybe he just didn’t understand the mysterious ways of engaged couples. “How about a kiss?” he suggested.

“Just a kiss?”

“Yes. Just a kiss. Not enough to cause any trouble, but enough so you can know that you did something with the free pass.”

She ran her tongue across her lower lip, which was pink and plump and practically begging for his touch. “No one needs to know except us.”

“We don’t even have to know. We can pretend it didn’t happen if we want. It’s just a kiss. We’ll probably be laughing about this tomorrow.”

Laughing was better than crying. With relief, he saw her expression brighten and her tears evaporate. “You’re really smart, Josh! That’s a great idea. Just a kiss. No biggie.”

“Exactly. No biggie,” he agreed.

“No harm, no foul.”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“Easy come, easy go.”

“One up, one down.”


He shrugged, having no idea what he’d meant with that one. “Baseball, maybe?”

“Come here, you.” Grabbing his lapel again, she yanked him toward her and this time he didn’t resist. He slid his hands down to the soft indentation of her waist and snugged her against his pelvis. She lifted herself onto her toes and craned her neck, straining toward his mouth. He bent his head—she was so tall in her heels that he barely even had to—and for a long moment simply hovered his mouth over hers. Anticipation crackled between them. He felt her nipples harden against his chest.

If they were going to have only one kiss, he might as well make it a good one.

He ran his hands up her back, savoring every smooth inch of that long, elegant curve. When he reached her head, he cradled it in both hands, tilting her face to the perfect angle, where he could devour at will. Her eyes drifted half-closed and her lips parted. She looked as if she were dreaming.

He brushed his lips against the soft, tempting mouth open before him. An electric vibration sizzled directly to his brain. He slid his tongue along the sleek flesh of her upper lip, then nipping the lower one until she opened farther, on a soft moan. He tasted champagne and a sweet wildness that had him driving deeper, sweeping his tongue inside the delicious cavern of her mouth.

She wrapped one long leg around his hip. He felt the heel of her shoe against the back of his leg—the visual of that nearly drove him nuts. He clamped a hand on her silk-covered ass and pressed her mound against his groin. His cock pounded with nearly painful arousal. He bent her over so he didn’t lose his balance as he ravaged her mouth.

Moaning, she grabbed the back of his shirt and held on tight. Being Suzanne, she gave just as good as she got. Their tongues touched and teased in a wicked twining dance. Every stroke generated more electricity, more sparks, more need. The shock of it made him light-headed, and he had a sudden image of the two of them floating in zero-gravity space, locked together in a kiss as hot as a supernova.