Free Prequel Download!

So I'm part of a very cool, very unique mini-series called FINDING CHRIS EVANS. Six authors are involved -- Erin McCarthy, Erin Nicholas, Elizabeth Bemis, Lizzie Shane, Jennifer Chance and myself. (I swear, it's pure coincidence that we have 2 Erins, 2 Jennifers and 2 Elizabeths!) The set-up is this: a psychic tells Ellie Middlestadt that when she finds Chris Evans, true love will follow. Well, it turns out that there are six Chris Evanses in her little Minnesota town! Thus begins her hunt for HER Chris Evans -- but guess what happens to the Chris Evanses who aren't meant for her? True love is on its way ...

The prequel to the series -- Finding Chris Evans: The Fortuneteller Edition -- is now available for download -- for free! It's a short story that introduces the whole series, which starts on October 10. My story, the Hotshot Edition, comes out on October 17. ENJOY!!!