Why my new series is set in Alaska

If you know me at all, you know I live in the biggest, most Northern state, the one with most miles of coastline by a factor of six, the one with the lowest population density (barely more than one person per square mile), the one most likely to appear on bucket lists.

Yes, I live in a small town in the great and wild state of Alaska. And yet—I’ve never set a series here. UNTIL NOW!

Welcome to Lost Harbor, Alaska, a fictional small harbor town perched at the edge of the wilderness. The first book of this series is out today ~ MINE UNTIL MOONRISE. It features Lucas Holt, a boat captain, and Megan Miller, a sassy scientist and newcomer to town, and their ongoing feud that ignites into a passionate affair.

So why did I finally decide to set a series here? Alaska is a funny state. There’s a clear distinction between longtime residents — “sourdoughs” —and newcomers —”cheechakos.” What’s unclear is how long it takes to graduate from cheechako status! I’ve lived here for twelve years and yet I still feel like a newbie. I honestly doubt that I’ll ever claim the title of “sourdough.” For one thing (true confession) I’ve never spent an entire winter here. We always skip out for a sanity-saving trip to Hawaii for a couple months.

However, I have spent twelve years soaking in the fascinating way of life that exists here. Fishing for salmon on a summer night that never ends. Racing the frost to pick the currants. Long underwear. Headlamps. ice cleats. It’s taken me over a decade, but I finally feel qualified to offer my take on living here. In my experience, it’s rugged, but magical. Slow-paced, but dramatic. And above all, for me—romantic. Something about the magnificent landscape and the close-to-the-elements survival mode makes everything more vivid and rich.

I hope you give this new series a chance and that you love Lost Harbor, Alaska! Click here to read an excerpt. And don’t forget to enter my giveaway of a Lost Harbor Gift Basket!

It’s a fine line between feuding and flirting... 


Ever since Megan Miller arrived in stunning Lost Harbor, Alaska, she’s been at odds with boat captain Lucas Holt. They’re opposites in every way. She’s a city girl, he’s from an Alaska homestead. She runs nature tours, he’s all about big-money charters. He’s also arrogant, annoying and oh yeah, wildly attractive. Lost Harbor would be the perfect escape from the tragedy that sent her running--except for her feud with the hottie captain.

Lucas Holt came home for one thing—settle his father’s affairs then hightail it back to Colorado. So why is he still here? Is it because there’s something fishy about his father’s death? Is it the endearingly eccentric locals and enchanting scenery? Or could it be Lost Harbor’s newest resident, a sassy scientist who’s as sexy as she is stubborn? Arguing with Megan is the best foreplay he’s had in years. 

Until one of Lost Harbor’s dangerous storms tosses everything up in the air, and a feud turns to a passionate affair--with stakes higher than Megan ever imagined.


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As the owner of Rocky Peak’s favorite bar, easygoing Jake Rockwell is everyone’s rock and best friend. But now he needs serious help from the gorgeous and fierce investigator Olivia James—and it’s going to kill him to keep things strictly professional between them.    
It’s been a long, hard-fought battle to go from naïve ex-trophy wife to respected private investigator, but Olivia has done it. She now offers her services only to women in need…but she’s made an exception for a friend. Which might possibly be the biggest mistake of her life, since Jake is as maddening as he is charming…and thoughtful…and insanely hot.
The closer they work together and the more Rockwell family secrets they expose, the harder it is for Olivia and Jake to resist their sizzling connection. But their burning almost-romance is about to go up in flames as they uncover the final revelation that could blow Jake’s world apart—forever.  


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And here’s an excerpt to tempt you!


When Gracie woke, she was curled up with Mark. His arm was slung over her waist and their faces were the merest breath apart. He was still asleep—she thought. But she wasn’t sure. All she knew was that he was so warm and so close, as mouthwatering as a fresh-baked cinnamon roll. 

Be like James Bond. When would she ever get another chance to find out what it was like to kiss him? 

Without thinking anymore about it, she brushed her lips against his. 

It felt magical, as sparkly as fairy dust. Her lips tingled and burned with the need to kiss him again. 

This time, she lingered longer, less of a brush than a “hello, I’m here.” 

He stirred slightly and a long sigh came from his mouth. She lifted herself on one elbow and stared down at him. His stubble had grown in thick overnight. How crazy to have such active hair follicles. Did they never rest, those beard hairs? What other body part could you practically watch as it grew? 

Of course, she could think of one very obvious part. 

She smothered a smile, wondering if her James Bond skills could extend to checking on that part. What if she lifted the covers, ever so slightly, and just took a peek? Last night Mark’s towel-clad nakedness had totally gone to waste. All they’d done was talk, and she’d been so fascinated that she hadn’t allowed her attention to stray to his physique. 

At least not to the extent that it deserved.

Just one peek. What could it hurt? 

She lifted the coverlet for a quick glimpse, but it was dark under there, and all she saw was shadowed muscular limbs, like a sculpture hidden in a dimly lit storeroom. Maybe her eyes just had to adjust to the darkness. She gave it a second, blinking her eyes, willing her rods and cones to cooperate. 

A soft chuckle interrupted her. 

Face flaming, she dropped the blanket and looked up to see Mark’s sleepy dark eyes smiling at her. 

“See anything interesting under there?” 

“Um…yes. There’s a…ah… I thought I felt a cat. I was just checking to see if Mellow snuck under the covers. He knows he’s not supposed to do that, because of potential fleas, but he’s not the most obedient—” 

She stopped abruptly as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his.An electric shock of a thrill blasted through her. Now that was a real kiss. Not a brush or a gentle hello, but a firm, commanding possession of her mouth. She sighed and melted toward him, surrendering every bit of herself to the pleasure of the contact. He took complete charge of the kiss, and where he led, she followed—opening for his tongue, shivering under the velvety friction. Her heart jumped crazily, speeding up one second, slowing down the next, doing somersaults in her throat. 

He raised himself up on his elbow to slant his mouth deeper over hers. She tilted her head back, dizzy and delirious, and inhaled the fresh morning scent of him. His natural male smell combined with the salt breeze filtering in from the porthole, the tarry scent of the pier, and the ever-present hint of diesel. She found it intoxicating, a feast for her nose. 

She was kissing Mark. Actually, even better, he was kissing her. Kissing her as if he wanted her fiercely. As if she was his.

Finally, he drew away, their lips clinging until the last second.

Her breath caught as her lungs raced to catch up with her heart. “Wow. You kissed me.” Pointing out the obvious. “I thought you were asleep.” 

“Not about to sleep through that.” He grinned in a carefree way she barely recognized. Where was the serious, overworked Mark she knew? This guy was lighthearted and scruffy and ridiculously charming. 

“Oh. So you knew—” 

“That you were checking me out—yes. By the way, if you do that now, you’ll get a whole different view.” 

Her face heated. “I’m sorry, that was probably pretty rude. It’s not nice to spy on someone when they’re asleep.” 

“You’re right. Very rude. But I might forgive you.” 


“Well, you have to earn forgiveness, you know. I can’t just go handing it out like candy.” 

Her stomach rumbled at the mention of candy. He heard it, too, and laughed. 

“I said I was sorry,” she told him. “Isn’t that enough to earn forgiveness?” 

“It’s definitely a start. That kiss helped, too. How about one more, and you’re forgiven.” 

Part of her felt secretly disappointed that all it would take was another kiss. On the other hand, another kiss sounded absolutely perfect to her. She tilted her head toward him. 

This kiss was on a different plane altogether. It felt like drowning, like immersing herself in a different element, not water, but some other intoxicating substance. He rolled onto his side and took her head in both hands, angling her so he could go deeper, deeper, until her head spun, and she barely remembered where they were. 

Then she did remember. 

And pulled away. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “We really shouldn’t do this.”

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A standalone novel in the riveting Rockwell Legacy series …

Griffin Rockwell has returned to Rocky Peak Lodge with a secret. Not even his family knows why he left his beloved sport of motocross at the top of his game. When his brother needs a favor, he can’t say no, even if it involves the pub’s sexy new employee—the one he’s clashed with ever since they met.

Serena Riggs has a secret of her own. She’s searching for her father, last seen in the small Cascades town years ago. Someone wants her to stop—but she’s not one to back down, especially with a sinfully hot temporary “bodyguard” by her side. When another threat surfaces, the only place she feels safe is in Griffin’s arms…and in his bed. 

As the couple falls deeper by the day, danger looms from a direction they never imagined. Can their love survive the most stunning secret of all?

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